New updates and improvements to Nordhealth

  • July 2, 2024

    The confirmation message sent to customers by email is simplified for privacy reasons.

    No confidential information sent via email

    For privacy reasons, the Nordhealth service confirmation message is simplified and does not include personal information or the name of the booked service. The message contains a button that the customer can click to log in with their online banking credentials and view detailed booking information.

    Company name in confirmation message

    By default, the company name is not displayed in the appointment confirmation message. However, the company can choose to add the name to the message through the service settings. For privacy reasons, we recommend keeping the message simple, but if necessary, the company can add its name to the confirmation message based on its discretion.

    Do you need more information or have any questions? Send us a message!

  • June 17, 2024

    Automatically translate profile descriptions into Swedish and English!

    Why translate your profile?

    Nordhealth is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Translating your profile text into these languages provides better service and can attract non-Finnish-speaking customers. It also helps your profile rank higher in search results.

    How to translate your profile?

    Log in, go to the profile edit view, and edit your description. Use the buttons below the text field to add translations and use the AI tool to do the translations for you.

  • June 6, 2024

    With the on-behalf booking feature, you can book an appointment for someone else.

    What does acting on behalf mean?

    The Nordhealth service uses strong authentication for appointment booking, requiring a mobile certificate or online banking credentials, which children typically do not have. The acting on behalf functionality solves this problem and allows appointments to be booked on behalf of another person.

    How is the feature activated?

    Log in to your company profile and activate the service through the Settings page. During activation, you can review the terms of use that your company must comply with. Nordhealth acts as an intermediary between your company and the service, allowing you to access the service effortlessly through us.

  • May 15, 2024

    Better visibility on the Nordhealth service with a profile video.

    What is a profile video?

    A profile video is an introduction video that enhances an expert's visibility on the service. The video allows you to showcase your professional skills more effectively and build trust with potential clients.

    What are the benefits of a profile video?

    Specialists who add a video to their profile appear at the top of search results and gain additional visibility for free. A profile video also enhances visibility on Google, attracting more visitors to your profile. With a profile video, customers can get to know you better through the service, making it more likely that a new customer will book an appointment with you.

    Read the instructions here and see how the video can look on your profile.