About us

Nordhealth.fi offers customers looking for therapy services a convenient way to learn about the expertise and services of therapists. Nordhealth.fi also helps customers find a service provider who fulfills their individual needs.

The goal of the service is to lower the threshold for using therapy services and to encourage people to use therapy as a part of their well being to a greater extend than before.


"Nordhealth.fi connects the customer with a therapist who fits their individual needs best."

The service is produced by Nordhealth, a leading provider specializing in information systems in the healthcare branch. Over 50 000 healthcare professionals trust in Nordhealth products all over the world.

Nordhealth.fi Service will be released in stages over 2023. In the first stage therapists can create a profile in the service, which will help them advertise their skills to customers. Customers are able to find therapists using the versatile search function and can choose the therapist who fits their needs best. Later in the autumn a function enabling making reservations for the therapist in their calendar will be added.