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Elvira Kaiser

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My wellbeing services are based on the understanding that wellbeing is not merely the absence of illness. It is the balancing of all areas of life, increasing functional practices, and the wise, conscious utilization of resources. It encompasses the cooperation of the body and mind, growth and development, effective communication ability, and the achievement of new goals. My service is designed to help you find your own path in life with positive provisions and renewed vigor. Effective interaction, self-knowledge, and a clear vision can take you a long way. This is achieved together by utilizing the latest rehabilitation methods based on scientific research, and the skills you already possess. THERAPY I graduated as a solution-focused brief therapist in 2024 and am accepting clients who wish to discuss their difficult life situation and thereby find a glimmer of hope, a new perspective, as well as their own strengths and resources, and through this, their own solutions. SPEECH THERAPY I graduated as a speech therapist in 2011. I studied logopedics at Åbo Akademi, and my minor was in psychology. After graduating, I have worked as a speech therapist in the city of Porvoo and in private companies. I have rehabilitated children with, for example, specific language impairment (developmental language disorder) or orofacial motor challenges (dyspraxia and phonological disorders), and worked closely with the children's families and immediate environment. Additionally, I have rehabilitated adults with voice problems affecting the quality and endurance of their voice in everyday life. If you are experiencing voice challenges, please contact me boldly after an initial examination by a phoniatrician or an ENT doctor has been conducted. I have familiarized myself with issues such as breastfeeding pain and evaluation of the lingual frenulum. Let's solve the issue together!


Individual therapyLanguage rehabilitationSpeech motor rehabilitationCommunication rehabilitationEating and swallowing rehabilitationRehabilitation of voice disordersSolution-focused short therapy

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Adults 18-67yChildren under 13yCouplesElderly over 67yFamiliesYouth 13-17y


Sertifioitu Ratkaisukeskeinen lyhytterapeutti

Lyhytterapeutti instituutti/ Hämeen kesäyliopisto, 2024


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FM, laillistettu puheterapeutti

Åbo Akademi, 2011

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AnxietyCoping at workEmotional skillsFatigueLife crisisMaternityMood disordersSelf-knowledgeStressThe flow of everyday lifeTraumasSpeech motor difficultiesDelayed language developmentPronunciation errorsArticulation controlTongue tieDisturbance with the voiceMyofunctional therapyA developmental disorderChallenges in interactionHypersensitivityParent guidance