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Usva Vahanne

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I specialize in speech motor skills and articulation rehabilitation. Articulation errors (eg. the tricky rolling R) typically respond well to rehabilitation, even in adulthood. Underlying structural or functional issues, such as a tight lingual frenulum or improper swallowing, may contribute to speech sound errors. My approach is guided by myofunctional thinking, considering the broader functioning of oral and facial muscles, with therapy addressing proper breathing and swallowing patterns as needed. Having worked as a speech therapist since 2018 in diverse healthcare settings, I currently hold sessions in Pasila, Helsinki. I provide assistance to adults, youth, and children, particularly in articulation training. Get in touch to book an appointment!


Language rehabilitationSpeech motor rehabilitationEating and swallowing rehabilitationReading and writing rehabilitationRehabilitation of voice disorders

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Children under 13yYouth 13-17yAdults 18-67yElderly over 67y


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Turun yliopisto, 2018

Language skills



Reading and writing difficultiesSpeech motor difficultiesEating and swallowing disordersPronunciation errorsArticulation controlTongue tieDisturbance with the voiceMyofunctional therapy