Physiotherapy is a treatment method offered by a healthcare professional that focuses on improving a person's ability to move and function.

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Physiotherapy specializations


A traditional Chinese treatment method in which thin needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points on the body, promoting the body's balance and well-being.

Assessment of the need for assistive devices

An assessment that determines the individual's need for various aids and adaptations that can be used in daily activities and movement.

Animal-assisted therapy

A form of therapy where animals are part of the treatment process and help promote physical and psychological well-being.

Physical training

A training program that focuses on improving the body's physical condition, strength, endurance and mobility.

Physiotherapy for the elderly

Physiotherapy that focuses on the needs of the elderly, such as maintaining mobility, improving balance and preventing falls.

Kinesio taping

A treatment method utilizing kinesiological tape that provides support, stability and relief for various problems with motion.

Classic massage

A traditional massage technique that uses different strokes and pressures to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Craniosacral therapy

A gentle form of therapy that focuses on the craniosacral system to promote balance and relaxation in the body.

Physiotherapy for children

Physiotherapy that is aimed at the needs of the baby or child and helps promote their motor development, balance and mobility.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Physiotherapy that focuses on strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and improving their functionality, for example in the treatment of urinary incontinence or pain in the pelvic floor.

Muscle membrane massage

A massage technique that focuses on treating the muscle membranes, relaxing and releasing tension and adhesions in the muscle membranes.

Lymphatic therapy

A form of therapy that promotes the functioning of the lymphatic circulation and helps remove swelling and blockages in the body.

McKenzie Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy based on the McKenzie method, which specializes in the assessment and treatment of back and neck pain through movement.

Music therapy

A form of therapy where music is used therapeutically to help people express emotions, relax and promote well-being.

Neurological rehabilitation

Rehabilitation that focuses on treatment after neurological injuries or diseases, helping to improve motor function and quality of life.

NDT/Bobath -therapy

Neurodevelopmental Treatment/Bobath therapy, which is a treatment method used in the rehabilitation of neurological injuries or diseases.


Physiotherapy specializing in orthopedic manual therapy, which uses manual treatment methods to evaluate and treat disorders relating to movement and acute and chronic pain.

Psychophysical physiotherapy

Physiotherapy that combines approaches for both the body and the mind, helping to understand and deal with their interaction.

Physiotherapy of masticatory organs

Physiotherapy that focuses on improving the function and balance of the masticatory organs, such as the jaw and masticatory muscles.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, which focuses on improving and treating the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, for example in the back and to treat joint problems.

Occupational guidance

A guidance process where employees receive support and guidance for the challenges and development needs that arise in their work.

Sports physiotherapy

Physiotherapy designed to meet the needs of athletes, helping them recover from injuries, improve performance and prevent future injuries.

Sport massage

Sports massage is an effective form of treatment that focuses on muscle recovery, relieving tension and improving performance.

Maternity physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aimed especially at pregnant women and women who have given birth, which helps maintain health and well-being during pregnancy and promotes recovery after childbirth.

Support insole therapy

Custom-made insoles that provide support, stability and relief for problems with the feet and for chronic pain caused by them.