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Hello, I am psychologist Susi Meritammi. You are welcome to seek consultation for any challenging issue in your everyday life. Common topics include psychological stress factors such as anxiety and depression, sleep problems, self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy, life stages, changes and crises, as well as coping at work, work-related changes, and interpersonal relationships. As a psychologist, I have worked with individuals of various ages and am accustomed to encountering the diversity of human experiences. In my work with families, we address issues related to child development and neuropsychological challenges, as well as themes related to parenting, child upbringing, and the dynamics of interaction. As an occupational health psychologist, I am familiar with themes related to workplace wellbeing and performance. Consultation and working through issues with a psychologist can help improve your situation or prevent it from worsening. In my practice, I offer short-term counseling and brief therapy. My approach includes applying methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, skills training, and compassion-focused work. Remote consultation appointments are also available. I am happy to provide training therapy, typically over approximately 20 sessions. Warmly welcome to my practice!


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Certified Executive and Team Coach

Siria, 2023

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