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Maria Söderholm


Siuntio, Karjaa

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I`m an manual therapist , since 1999, Physiotherapist since 1991. 35 years of experience in treating problems of musculoskeletal origin. Manual therapy combined with rehabilitating training, wholesome understanding of the reason to pain, is important.


AcupunctureKinesio tapingMcKenzie PhysiotherapyLymphatic therapyMaternity physiotherapyMusculoskeletal physiotherapyOMT-physiotherapyPhysical trainingPhysiotherapy of masticatory organsCraniosacral therapy

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Children under 13yYouth 13-17yAdults 18-67yElderly over 67y

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Lower extremity problemsLower back painPositional dizzinessDizzinessSciantica symptomsLeg painsPain in the bottom of the footFoot painStiffnessHeel painNumbness of hands and feetPainTight musclesRehabilitation after surgeryElbow painMuscle tensionHip painUrinary incontinenceSports injuriesTennis elbowBalance problemsMuscle tension caused by stressScoliosisBack painBody changes caused by pregnancyStress injuriesLimitation of spine mobilityProblems with bitePostoperative rehabilitationKnee painPlantar fasciitisShoulder painOsteoarthritisJoint painNeck and shoulder pain


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