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Marika Melkko


Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Pori

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I am a versatile and inspiring therapist who has learned in the archipelago the importance of knowing a little about everything; the nervous system, lymphatics, muscles, fascia, joints, circulation, and more. I believe everything affects everything, and I can provide you with tools and help repair your "boat" or strengthen it so you can enjoy your journey through life. My strength lies in seeing you for who you are and giving you what you need. I enjoy working with my hands while our conversation guides us to where we need to be today.


Psychophysical physiotherapyMusculoskeletal physiotherapyLymphatic therapyKinesio tapingOccupational guidancePhysiotherapy for the elderlyClassic massage

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Adults 18-67yElderly over 67yCouplesFamilies

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Lower extremity problemsLower back painThe flow of everyday lifeFibromyalgiaRespiratory problemsDizzinessSciantica symptomsLeg painsPain in the bottom of the footFoot painStiffnessHeel painNumbness of hands and feetBody imagePainTight musclesRehabilitation after surgeryElbow painMuscle tensionHip painMotoric skillsNeurological physiotherapyNeck and shoulder painJoint painOsteoarthritisShoulder painWeight controlPlantar fasciitisKnee painPostoperative rehabilitationProblems with biteStress injuriesBody changes caused by pregnancyBack painScoliosisMuscle tension caused by stressBalance problemsTennis elbow