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Erick Ellison


Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo

Physiotherapist (AMK), Hichi Buku Goshinjutsu Joo Kyu (higher level), physiotherapist specializing in acupuncture and entrepreneur. Erick graduated as a physiotherapist in 2007 from the then Helsinki University of Applied Sciences Stadia. Fysio Sakura Oy was founded by Erick in 2012. He specializes in demanding manual therapy. The most important thing is to teach the patient how they can take care of themself and rehabilitate themself. The treatment is always based on a careful physiotherapeutic examination. Along with physiotherapy, Erick teaches the martial art Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, which consists of traditional Japanese martial arts. Hichibuku Goshinjutsu, is a Japanese traditional form of treatment is a part of this discipline.


Assessment of the need for assistive devicesAcupunctureClassic massageKinesio tapingMuscle membrane massageMusculoskeletal physiotherapyPhysical trainingPhysiotherapy for the elderly

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Adults 18-67yElderly over 67yYouth 13-17y


Footbalance -koulutus

Footbalance Oy, Jani Hurme, 2007

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