Find new customers with service

A search engine optimized booking service helps businesses find new customers and offers an easy and secure way to schedule appointments.

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How to create a profile for your company?

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    Start from Diarium

    The company administrator can start creating the profile from Diarium.

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    Fill in the details

    Fill in the company details in the profile and select the users to be shown in the booking system in Diarium.

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    Publish the profile

    Publish the profile and direct customers to it from your website and social media channels. Everything is now ready, and the service is live!

Why join in?

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    You’ll have valuable visibility in a new digital marketing channel is a search engine optimized service and reaches thousands of customers looking for healthcare professionals. By activating your company profile and booking you will get the most out of the service.

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    Fast, easy-to-use, and clear booking is essential for good customer service

    We have made booking easy and effortless for the customers. Booking in service has been designed to function exceptionally well on mobile devices, and it fulfills accessibility requirements.

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    Customers can easily manage their bookings

    Your customers can manage their own bookings securely using online banking authentication where ever and when ever they want.

  • protected-icon is a secure solution

    All therapists in the service are certified healthcare professionals. Booking is always verified using strong authentication, which reduces the possibility of abuse and problems relating to information security. All bookings will be saved to Diarium, which is a certified A class patient information system.


We place data protection and information security in the forefront of all our actions. We understand that the trust of our customers is the basis of success and are committed to investing greatly in the data protection and information security of our services.

The technical data protection of the service is audited regularly by a third party. Booking is done using strong authentication and the service fulfills the requirements of the new customer information laws in regards to identifying the customer.