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Roman Rudchak

Certified massage therapist


I am Roman from Ukraine and I have lived in Finland for a long time. In my home country, I graduated from university as a physical education teacher, where massage was part of my studies. I also have a professional qualification as a trained massage therapist and a specialized professional qualification as a sports massage therapist, which I completed in Finland. IN CLASSIC MASSAGE I use different very good, effective and pleasant grips. The aim of this type of massage is: relaxation, promoting recovery from stress, determining and treating muscle stiffness, removing muscle tension, maintaining the mobility of connective tissue, preventing injuries and promoting healing. IN SPORTS MASSAGE, I combine effective muscle care, utilizing the positions of the body and joints, joint mobilization techniques, which can be used to improve the flexibility of the spine, eliminate radiation/reflection symptoms, and fascial stretching techniques. This massage would be suitable for you if you want to enhance your recovery from sports and therefore optimize your development. With better muscle maintenance, you can also prevent sports injuries that interfere with training. I also treat TMD disease, i.e. disorders of the masticatory system, using MASTICATORY MUSCLE MASSAGE. In this massage, I treat all the muscles that affect the symptom: neck and shoulder area, chest muscles, neck braids and flexors, face and chewing muscles from inside the mouth. I want to help people and make their lives happier with exercise and rehabilitation. I have a team player's eye for the game, as I have coached and played volleyball and enjoy swimming and running. If necessary, I am happy to give useful special exercise instructions and advice that support the massage and also help and improve the client's well-being and quality of life. So welcome to the massage, I'll be happy to help you! Together - towards a better feeling!


Classic massageSport massage

Customer groups

Youth 13-17yAdults 18-67yElderly over 67y


Specialized professional degree

Pirkanmaa Sports Massage School, 2023

Professional degree in massage

Raahe professional college, masseuse training Raahe, 2020

Physical education and sports

National Pedagogical University, Ukraine, 2005

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Back painNeck and shoulder painPainDizzinessProblems with biteStiffnessTight musclesMuscle tensionHip painMuscle tension caused by stress