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Mari Urhola

Physiotherapist, Certified massage therapist


I have been working at Virkkalan Fysioterapia since 2017. I am a Physiotherapist, Trained massage therapist (specialising in athlete's muscle care) and Cert. MDT therapist. I am currently studying advanced studies in neurological physiotherapy and aiming to study more in orthopedic manual therapy. My clients are mainly rehabilitators with symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders, especially with spine symptoms. My areas of expertise include e.g. musculoskeletal system physiotherapy, manual therapy, MDT therapy, fascia treatment, mobilisation (e.g. MET and FRT techniques), kinesio and myofascial taping as well as various physical treatments (especially cryotherapy). In the past I have worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.


Classic massageKinesio tapingMcKenzie PhysiotherapyMuscle membrane massageMusculoskeletal physiotherapyNeurological rehabilitationPhysical trainingSport massagePhysiotherapy of masticatory organs

Customer groups

Adults 18-67yElderly over 67yYouth 13-17y


Neurologinen fysioterapia (moduuli 1)

Suomen Fysioterapeutit, 2023

TMD-koulutus, purentaelimistön kivut ja toimintahäiriöt

Suomen Urheilijahierojaopisto, 2023


LAB-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2021


Suomen Kuntoutuskouluttajat, 2021

Cert. MDT terapeutti, Mekaaninen Diagnosointi ja Terapia

Suomen Mckenzie Instituutti, 2019

Koulutetun hierojan ammattitutkinto

Luksia, 2017

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Back painNeck and shoulder painPainPositional dizzinessDizzinessProblems with biteSports injuriesLower extremity problemsStress injuriesLower back painFibromyalgiaSciantica symptomsStiffnessHeel painTight musclesRehabilitation after surgeryElbow painNumbness of hands and feetMuscle tensionHip painJoint painOsteoarthritisShoulder painPlantar fasciitisKnee painPostoperative rehabilitationLimitation of spine mobilityTennis elbowUrinary incontinence


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