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Aino Salmi

Brief therapist

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa

Remote consultation

As a therapist, I am active, present and empathetic. My attitude and approach is appreciative, accepting, holistic and customer-oriented. Interaction, the experience of being understood and accepted is of paramount importance to me in my work. You are the expert in your own life, and through discussion and exercises, I support and help you find the strengths and resources for the desired change and to observe new perspectives for better alternatives. With the help of concrete work tools and positive support, change towards well-being is possible.


Individual therapyMindfulnessResource-focused therapySolution-focused short therapy

Customer groups

Adults 18-67y


Ratkaisukeskeinen lyhytterapeutti

Helsingin psykoterapiainstituutti, 2022

Psykologian perus- ja aineopinnot

Helsingin yliopisto, 2022

Mindfulness-ohjaaja CFM

Center for Mindfulness, 2020

Oikeustieteen maisteri

Lapin yliopisto, 2012

Hallintotieteen maisteri

Tampereen yliopisto, 2010

Language skills



AddictionsAnxietyThe flow of everyday lifeValue workLife crisisSelf-knowledgeCodependencyExercise addictionDepressionWork exhaustionFatigueCoping at workEmotional skillsAwareness skillsRelationship crisisStressInteraction relationshipsMental work capacity