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Tampereen yliopiston opintopsykologit/ Hervanta/ Päärakennus/ Main Building

The services of the study psychologist are intended only for our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. You are allowed to book an appointment only, if you have received the link to booking from study psychologist. Otherwise, contact first study psychologists via email ( This is to ensure that our service is equally available for our students. The study psychologist focuses on problems that have an impact on student's learning. The psychologist will assess your ability to maintain effective academic progress and help you come up with a plan to maintain and increase this ability. Students usually meet the psychologist 1-5 times and may be expected to complete tasks or exercises in between the sessions. For counselling to be effective, it requires commitment and an active effort from the student.


Accessible entrance

Arrival and parking

Enter the Main building and go up the stairs to the second floor. You can wait in the lobby at the top of the stairs until you are called inside. Please come on time.